By researching and posting up a blog about the effectiveness of social media I hope to not only gain knowledge for myself but to give others reading this blog some useful links and hints to help with their future social media activities.

There is no question social media is a must have tool to promote yourself, your work, to keep your fans up to date with important events and to show your personality and interests outside of you’re career or what you are trying to promote.

I have always wondered how does one find the time to keep their social media constantly updated when there are so many other important things to do that require a lot of time and hard work?


So now we know there are tools for saving time and managing our social media lets discuss content looking at ways to promote our work and still keep our audience interested. “Power of social media lies in the perception of our brand in the market place”. (Medium, 2015)

#Knowing what your objectives are before creating an online account is crucial.

#Knowing how to reach the target market you are aiming for is important.

#Following, sharing, commenting on other posts you find interesting connects you with others as well as encouraging others to comment, follow or share your posts. Make sure your content is not just about you and your product all the time.
(It’s about sharing, caring, giving and receiving)

#The substance of your content matters so consider what you are putting on line and be more concerned about the quality of your content rather than the quantity of online material you have.


There are many sites to connect you with friends, family, clients and people in your industry all over the world.  Surprisingly I have been given some great opportunities related to my field of work by using the not so career focused Facebook site.

However you also want to focus on the specific sites that are designed to help your career, to showcase or promote your work, that allow you to network, to connect, to share and to talk business with clients or others beneficial to your cause.               So how do you know which network to use? You can consider how large they are, and whether they match the demographic you’re after. (Medium, 2015)

Although I have created an account for most of the widgets below, rather than pretending I have expert advise on how to best use them all, I have included seven links with tips for us to take notes together.

Being an artist/musician/songwriter/producer I have included the links appropriate for marketing in this medium so I apologise in advance if some of the links do not relate to your career. However not all of these sites are specifically music related so you will definitely find some helpful tips. Good luck and enjoy.



Remember that SoundCloud, too, is a social network and being constantly active will no doubt get you noticed. Listen to other bands’ tracks and Djs mixes, comment on songs you like, hit the favorite button, repost music and make valuable contributions to the musical community you’re in. If done correctly and you will gain followers. (Allen, 2013)
















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cropped-cropped-rucl2.gif  AustraJam Productions 2015


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